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Marvin Godfrey
Talent Agent
Marvin originally started in Biochemistry before making the decision to pursue a career working in a field he has always been passionate about, talent management.

Marvin has spent nearly a decade working with a range of talent from high profile, leading and award-winning actors, to recent graduates/ up and coming young performers.

Marvin has his own list spanning across Film, TV and Theatre.
Claire O’Sullivan
Talent Agent
Claire originally trained as an actress in LA before returning to the UK to embark on a career in talent management.

She began working at Grantham Hazeldine, where she worked for a number of years successfully building her own list focussing mainly on leading musical theatre actors. She then worked at Markham, Froggatt and Irwin and United Agents working across TV, Film and Theatre for both high profile clients and new, up-and-coming talent.

Claire is passionate about working, on a one to one basis, with her clients to carve out successful careers both here in the UK and internationally.
Adam Leonard-Burns
Talent Agent
Adam originally trained at Motherwell College in Scotland and then at Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts.

Upon graduation, Adam worked as an actor before deciding to move into talent management whereby he joined the team at RKA as an assistant.

After a number of years there he began to grow his own list and when the opportunity came to launch Revolution Talent alongside Claire, Adam was thrilled to bring across and further develop his own exciting and diverse list of talent working across TV, Film and Theatre.

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Series Regular on 'The Bisexual' (Channel 4 and Hulu)

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Buy Phentermine Cheap Uk

Samantha Power returns as series regular Simone Booth in Channel 4's 'Ackley Bridge' Series 2

Phentermine 30Mg Buy Online Australia

Cedric Neal stars as The Arbiter in the West End production of 'Chess'.

Can You Buy Phentermine At Cvs

Emma Naomi to join the West End cast of 'The Room for Pinter' at The Pinter.

Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Buy Online

Julian Moore-Cook will soon be joining the cast of 'The Lieutenant of Inishmore' at The Noel Coward Theatre directed by Michael Grandage.

Phentermine Buy Online Forum

Michael Parr plays series regular Ross Barton in 'Emmerdale' (ITV).

Get Prescription Online Phentermine 37.5

Victoria Ekanoye currently plays series regular Angie Appleton in 'Coronation Street' (ITV).

Phentermine Cod 

Ryan Dean stars as series regular Sacha in 'Penny on Mars' for Disney.